Walmart Beauty Box | Winter 2018

Hello and happy Monday!

I hope everyone is having a great start to a new week!

Is anyone else a huge fan or getting stuff in the mail? Because I am, especially subscription boxes! They’re just so much fun!

I recently found out that Walmart has a seasonal beauty box! It’s not a subscription box where you have to pay a monthly or seasonal fee, but it’s just as good if not even better because there’s no commitment!

I was pretty surprised to find out that Walmart has a beauty box! Walmart! Not even Ulta has a beauty box! Lol. The awesome part of all this is that you only have to pay for the shipping fee which is a flat rate of $5! Five dollars!

With the winter season still in play, Walmart sent out products that can help with the dryness of the harsh winters.

Today I’m going to do an unboxing of the Walmart beauty box. This is actually my first Walmart beauty box, so I am very excited to see what I received for only five dollars.

You can’t really expect top of the line or full sized products when you only pay $5, but to my surprise I was quite pleased with what I received.

So let’s get started with this unboxing!

When you receive your beauty box, it’s going to look like this. I love the color combinations, so girly!

When you open the box the inside of the lid says ‘Celebrate your beauty. Your beauty is a gift to the world!’ which I just love! We are all beautiful in our own ways! I love how Walmart helps remind us of our uniqueness and beauty when we forget to remind ourselves.

Inside the box it comes with a little card, similar to the lid, placed on all of your goodies. It also comes with some cute matching tissue paper, which makes the beauty box feel more like a present! Lol.

The first product and the one I was most excited about was this Donkey Milk Sleeping Marks which helps to restore your skin while sleeping. I actually already used this item and it left my face and neck feeling so nice and moisturized! It sort of gave me a shine/glow the next day! I am totally going to reorder this mask again! The retail price for this item is $2.50! That’s literally half of what I paid for!

Next, we have a Ban roll-on deodorant in the scent powdered fresh. I absolutely love the scent it smells so nice and clean! I especially love how small it is because I can literally toss this in my purse for emergencies! This item is currently sitting in my purse right now for those deodorant emergencies. Lol. The retail price for this item at Walmart is $2.63!

I am a huge fan of Biore, especially their nose strips, so when I saw this I got a little too excited. Lol. This is the Biore Baking Soda Acne Scrub, retail price for this item in around $1.75. I also put this item to use the minute I got it and I love the way it made my face feel! It had a cool/clean feeling, which is what I love in an acne/face scrub.

The beauty box also came with a travel size body wash, by Soapbox. I’ve never actually heard of this brand before to my surprise it was very good! It smells so good and helps to soothe and replenish your skin. What I found super unique and interesting about this brand is that their mission is to empower people to change the world through everyday quality purchases. Whenever you purchase a full sized bottle of this body wash you also give back a bar of soap to a person in need, which I think is so awesome. Their bottle even have a Hope Code, which you can type in at their website and find out where in the world your purchase is doing good! The retail price for this small bottle is 32 cents, so a full sized product shouldn’t cost more than two dollars! I am definitely going to purchase a full sized bottle in the near future!

We then have John Fireda’s Daily nourishment moisturizing conditioner for dry/unmanageable hair. This conditioner left my hair feeling so soft and smooth! The retail price for this item is $1.50!

I was also given a sample size of the Olay Advanced Tone Perfecting Moisturizer with a coupon of three dollars off their products! I am actually really excited to use this item!

I’m not a huge fan of stick-on nails, but I have used this brand before and really enjoyed it! The first time I had ever used this brand was from when I got a voxbox from Influenster! The stick on nails lasted a whole week! A week! I’m not crazy about the color or the anchor theme, so I am probably going to save these for my little cousins. Lol. The retail price for this item is $5.97!

Lastly, we have a Gold Bond Ultimate Hydrating cream which retails for the price of 43 cents! My hands are always getting dry from the constant use of hand sanitizer and from constant washing of my hands. It’s nice to have a travel size lotion to keep my hands moisturized!

What I love about this beauty box is that they are all travel size products and they send products that I probably would never consider buying for myself. Helps me discover new items!

All in all, these products cost all together $15.10 and I only payed $5, which is a total bargain!

I hope you enjoyed this unboxing of the Walmart Beauty Box and I’d love to know your thought on some of these items! I hope you have a great week and thank you for reading!

-Ashley N. Barron

Social Medias: Instagram | Facebook |Snapchat: ashley-barron

Links to some of these items:

Gold Bond Ultimate Radiance Renewal Dry Skin Cream • Gold Bond • $7.29

John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Conditioner – 8.45oz • John Frieda • $4.99

Broadway Nails Broadway® Nails False Nails – 30ct • Broadway Nails • $5.99

Biore Baking Soda Acne Scrub 4.5 oz • $5.69

Ban Roll-On Antiperspirant & Deodorant Powder Fresh • $3.49

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