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Day 5

Last day of my five day blogging challenge! I must say it was pretty hard to complete this challenge, but overall it was very fun!

I decided to write about the book I am currently reading, ‘The Power of Habit. Why we do what we do in life and business.’ by Charles Duhigg.


Habit-forming has been something I’ve always had a bit of trouble in. Whether it is waking up at 7 in the morning or making my daily visit to the local gym, I’m sure we can all agree that making something into a habit is a lot more complicated then it makes out to be.

The book is full of real life examples of how habits are formed, and they all have a particular, yet simple process in common!

This process revolves around three components, all of which need to be properly addressed if you wish to make a simple occurrence into a daily habit: the cue, the routine, and the reward.

My favorite example that was used was about how a man was able to make a million dollars by selling toothpaste by using this process! (This was before toothpaste was used.) He used this process in order to persuade people to buy their product. He begins by setting his cue, which is letting people now that their teeth isn’t clean. He states in the book, “Just run your tongue across your teeth. You’ll feel a film- that’s what makes your teeth look ‘off color’ and invites decay” People then begin to realize that he is right! Their teeth aren’t clean and that they want that clean feeling, which then leads to them purchasing their product, using it and achieving the reward of a clean mouth.

I’ve noticed that in order to make a habit the three step process is most of the time used.

I’m not quite done yet, but I definitely recommend this book. It’s definitely a good read!

-Ashley N. Barron

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