Our Trip to Las Vegas!

77A2D8C8-1AB5-4C15-8CCB-A5977ECCCA77.jpgDay 3: I’m midway of my five day blogging challenge!

Our trip to Las Vegas was definitely one for the books! It was our first solo trip out of Texas. It was definitely an exciting yet scary experience.

Let me begin by saying that our trip was postponed. We initially had our trip scheduled for June 26th through June 30th, but our flight got canceled last minute. We ended up rescheduling our trip for the following week. On the bright side, our airlines provided us with extra flight vouchers and a cash settlement!

I was surprised when we arrived to the airport, because I wasn’t expecting to see slot machines. I thought ‘Man, these people take this gambling thing seriously!’ I was tempted to play a little, but we were following some people from our flight in order to find where the baggage claim was.


I was amazed by how much walking we did! I even reached a new personal record on my Fitbit! I would definitely recommend to anyone who is planning on going to Las Vegas to take a pair of comfortable shoes! Not sandals! Shoes! I learned my lesson the hard way!

We decided to stay at the Bally’s hotel, being that it was both affordable and in the center of the strip. We spent most of the evening gambling, until Hector started feeling a bit sick. We then picked up some food/medicine and called it a night.


We did what most tourist do. We visited the botanical garden (a beautiful site, definitely recommend!), went to the m&m store, Hershey’s store and the Coca-Cola store!

I was surprised by how much we got asked to show our ID’s! We were literally getting asked every thirty minutes! There was even a security guard that asked us for our ID within ten minutes. He had forgotten that he had just asked us!


I believe I am pretty good when it comes to taking heat, since I live in the Rio Grande Valley. It is always hot here, but not as hot as Vegas! It was so hot that I had trouble breathing through my nose. I could even feel the heat through my shoes! No wonder there were less tourists during the day! Everyone is inside trying to stay away from the heat!


The beauty about traveling is that you’re always learning something new! We are currently planning on visiting Vegas again in December, hoping to avoid the summer heat and experience things we did not get to experience the first time around. All in all, traveling was certainly worth the expense, and something I think we should all strive to make time for ever so often!

-Ashley N. Barron

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