Five Day Blogging Challenge

3B7C20EB-0509-49B6-A350-8703D2C5649A.jpgHello! For my second post, I decided to take on a challenge! This challenge will consist of me blogging for five consecutive days. I know this isn’t much of a challenge for most of you, but since I am new I decided that this would be a good way to get the ball going!

For the next five days I will upload one blog post each day. I currently have a list of potential ideas for my blog posts:
1. Top Five Makeup Products
2. What’s in your bag?
3. Ten things you don’t know about me.
4. Share some of your favorite travel adventures.
5. What are my goals for this school year.
6. Five things I want to learn to do.
7. Favorite products of the month
8. Product Review
9. Typical day of your life in ten photos
10. Outfit of the day post

These are some ideas that I thought were pretty interesting. Hopefully all goes well with this challenge. If you have any tips for a new blogger please let me know!

– Ashley N. Barron

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